The Sixty-One™ - Yellow

The yellow Sixty-Ones were more common than other colour models, and the following images reveal the subtle shifts in size and shade over the decade they were produced. 


Yellow Silver Straight Arm

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These yellow Sixty-Ones with silver straight arms have a distinctly vibrant tint for the more vivacious customer. 


Yellow Silver Ear Clip

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This is another fine example of the more vibrant yellow lens seen above, but this pair sported the ear clips.


Yellow Gold Straight Arm


Yellow Gold Renauld Straight Pre-1965

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A cherished find for the Renauld Collection, these glasses date pre-1965 and are in 'as new' condition. They have been kept in the original case all of their lives and everything from lenses to frames are unmarked. The case itself is also in immaculate condition, so truly a rare acquisition. 


Yellow Comparison

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This series of images reveal the transition in the yellow Panorama over the decade from 1962-1972. The gold-framed pair are the last in line and they also have a much larger lens size than the earlier two.