Polo de' Marco

You are the CEO of Renauld Sunglasses - a brand known for racing. How did you get started with the company? And who are the celebrities that wear it?

I was 6 in 1969 when the ‘Italian Job’ came out and I never forgot the opening scene of Rossano Brazzi in a Lamborghini Miura wearing avery cool pair of shades. Fast forward to 2013 and I decided I wanted them, but no one had any or knew how to obtain them, so I decided to start collecting Renauld Sunglasses and today have amassed the world’s largest collection of Renaldo Sunglasses (over 120).

In 2019 someone offered me an original pair of Renauld Mustangs from the movie so I then had a template to remake them and took the opportunity to buy the brand name, (the company had gone out of business in 1981).

After a lot of work to get the prototypes exactly right, we relaunched the Mustang under the new name ‘Rossano’ last year. We are now relaunching the Renauld brand internationally and have 4 styles, for both men and women, in production for delivery this Spring. As you mentioned in your question, the brand’s legacy is potent and rooted in a number of high profile figures who have worn the brand over the decades including Elvis, Jackie Kennedy, James Garner, Warren Beatty, David Niven, Jim Clark, and Johnny Depp to name just a few!