The 'Freya'

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Available for Pre-order today - Very limited stock

An iconic reflection of late sixties American design aesthetics, the Freya Collection is inspired by Sharon Tate's character, 'Freya', in the 1968 film, 'The Wrecking Crew'. The film also starred Dean Martin and Elke Sommer and featured further in Quentin Tarantino's oscar winning 2019 film, 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'.

This summer the Freya and Linka collection will become available for the first time in 56 years.  The relaunch will comprise of 50 individually numbered Freya and Linka frames, crafted by hand by our leading eye atelier in Italy.  You can reserve a pair today with delivery scheduled for August - in time for summer. 

The 2024 Freya frame is wrapped in 24ct yellow gold and equipped with optically perfect, anti-glare UV400 performance bronze lenses and comes with either an 'original' or 'gold' frame.  The 'original' is 'as worn' in the film and the 'gold' is a more contemporary take on the style.

Linka 2024 is wrapped in Palladium and comes with Divel grey lenses. 

Each sunglass is presented in a bespoke, hand-stitched leather case and further presented in a Renauld gift-box accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity from Renauld.

Freya is also available with a clear lens and Linka with a light blue lens and can be ordered by contacting